News about the last trading days - 15.09.2017
Hi there,

Due to the fall of the crypto-market in the latest days, we have to postpone, for 2 weeks, our activity in order not to suffer big losses. We will not be able to initiate payments during this period.

Please be patient till all things become normal on the market.


This is the threshold

Revshare plan - 13.09.2017
Hi there,

The Revshare Plan it is no longer valid, starting with September 12th. All active plans will be canceled, and the money will return to your balance

I need a bit time to rebuild our equity, or our site will die soon.

I apologize for that.

Schedule withdrawal - 07.09.2017
Hi there,

Due to a migration of work fund this weekend, withdrawals will not be available. 

We apologize for this inconvenient.

After Bitcoin Cash Fork - 15.08.2017

Bitcoin Cash Fork - 02.08.2017
Deposit and withdrawals are open since now.

Bitcoin Cash Fork - 30.07.2017
Hi there,

A minority of Bitcoin users and miners are planning to execute a hard fork of the Bitcoin network on August 1st at 12:20 UTC 2017. If it is successful, the Bitcoin network will have a shared blockchain history with a newly created token named Bitcoin Cash (BCC). While the two versions will not be compatible, all bitcoin balances on the Bitcoin network on the time of the fork will have an equivalent balance on the Bitcoin Cash network. Trading will be disabled during the fork, on all trading platforms. We are afected too.

Due to the possible instability in the Bitcoin network around the time of the hard fork, Bitcoinmany will disable deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin between the 31th of July and the 2nd of August. You will not be able to purchase plans or request a payout unless the network is stable. After that, we will enable deposits and payout requests as it has been happening ever since the beginning of this project.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.
--Team Bitcoinmany

BitcoinMany Transcends Any Limits - 27.04.2017
BitcoinMany has finally restarted its activities after 3 months of strenuous work and sleepless nights. 

We are back now with the features that we have promised and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon. We found the miracle cure a long time ago and as you could see, you have profited greatly as a result of our partnership. We want to continue that for more years to come thanks to the solid plans that we have elaborated. We are more than prepared and hopefully, you will notice our true potential in a very short time.

If you are not satisfied with our services, do not hesitate to contact us by sending a support ticket and we will refund you according to the 45 day money back guarantee clause.

Your partner,

BitcoinMany LTD Team